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Useful Resources

 1. Here are links to some resources that you might find useful

Resolution and Resolution - The Facts. Great article by Damien Symonds that explains it very well.

 2. Lightroom CC GPU Acceleration explained by an Adobe Software Engineer. This article explains very well the importance of GPU acceleration and exactly what it does and doesn't do.

3. Can a Monkey copyright a photo?

A very good question, here is an excellent article to clear up some of the confusion regarding Copyright.

Who owns a photo?

4. The F Stop, just what is it, can you hold doors open with it ? This article explains it in detail.

The F Stop

5. Depth Of Field, what is it, can you fall down it if its deep. This article explains it.

Depth Of Field

6. Photography Law in the UK

Photographers Rights And The Law In The UK

Photographers Rights: the ultimate guide