The Awesomness of AI Presets

I never thought I would be so excited about an update but this one takes the digestive. I would say that we all need these AI Presets in our editing biscuit barrel.

Editing sky and foreground separately and being able to transfer those settings to completely different images with AI changing the mask to suit the new image - that is definitely chocolate coated.

Find out more by watching my new videos showing you how to use the power of AI - crumbs its amazing.

If you feel able to support my endeavours the AI Presets that I use in the videos are available to purchase from my website Shop for a very modest fee.

More videos on these new features are on their way.

If you like the videos please give me a thumbs up, a comment or Subscribe to my Youtube Channel. You can do this by clicking the subscribe link at the bottom of any page on my website.

Thank you for watching.


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