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Create Drama in your Photography

Hi Everyone

I have just got round to looking at the images of the Infinity Bridge from our recent visit to Sunderland. I do love structures like this as they can make really great examples Fine Art Photography Processing.

This is a great example of turning an OK image into something different and more dramatic through processing. So why “Fine Art” you may ask, and that would be a very good question.

Just how does it differ from Architectural Photography.

Well true architectural photography is photographing buildings and structures realistically to showcase the building or structure in its best light. So for example if you were in the market to buy or lease a building you would rightly expect the building to look like the photograph when you turned up to view.

I found a definition of Fine Art Photography being:

“To represent the building or structure in the form of the subjective intent of the photographer”.

So using post processing skills my imagery is representing my artistic vision of the building or structure.

Lets have a look at an example.

Here is a view of the Infinity Bridge that I thought interesting though a bit bland.


Here is my Fine Art Interpretation using basic Photoshop skills to create drama and interest

If you would like to learn these skills and exercise your artistic vision then check out my Workshop Page where you can enrol on my 5 week Architectural Photography and Processing Course which starts in September 2022 delivered online in the comfort of your own home.

The Fee is £99.00, this includes a printable PDF of the topics covered in the course, a recording of each session for you to use as an aid memoir for your future studies and top notch training from an Adobe Certified Instructor.

For more details and to enrol please click the button below.

I hope to see some of you there.


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