kenfisherphotography | Photoshop Tricks and Tips

Hey, Hey Photoshoppers.... Welcome a new set of videos called 'Photoshop Tricks and Tips'. Small but significant tutorials of a whole range of subjects that you can master in the time it takes you to have a cup of tea.

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1. Find the Dead Centre of an Image
In this trick and tip you will learn how to use guides to identify the dead centre of any image super quick.
2. How to change Blend Modes on the Fly

Blending modes are super creative and you will use them a lot. In this video you will learn how to change the Blend modes quick from the keyboard.

3. How to Copy ad Paste on the Fly

Copying and pasting can be a pain... Not any more when you see this technique for doing it on the fly.

4. How to add multiple Effects to Type

Bird’s Eye View in Photoshop allows you to easily zoom out and pan to a new area  quickly while you’re working on a high res image. This can certainly save you loads of time while editing.

Give it a try....Why be happy with just one effect when you can apply more than one. See how in this video.