kenfisherphotography | Photoshop For Twirlers


Master the basic Photoshop skills required to create stunning and unique Twirls  with these

6 videos.


1. How to use Layers effectively

2. The Transform Mode and Flip

3. Adjustment - adding colour to your Twirls

4. How to create an action to speed up your Twirling

5. How to change the Canvas Size

6. How to Resize your images

Each Video is priced at £1.95. If you have previously purchased my Action Pack use the discount code TWIRL20 for a 20% Discount.

Click here  or click on the image above to purchase any of  these videos.

On entering the gallery click on the Select Photo Button, then click on the video you wish to purchase, then click the Buy button and follow the instructions to complete the purchase.

The video will be downloaded as a Zipped file.