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Workshop Aim

This course is for learners who have a good understanding of the basic camera functions of Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO and White Balance and wish to learn more advanced camera functions and photographic techniques.

Workshop Description

This Photography course for those wishing to improve knowledge and experience in the use of the camera’s more advanced functions, composition and  lighting. You will be encouraged to take part in group discussions and feedback and evaluations of the projects throughout the course

Learning Objectives

1. Understand and become more confident using more advanced camera functions

2. Demonstrate understanding of controlling both ambient and flash light to create an exposure

3. Demonstrate understanding and practice using compositional elements to improve the impact of your images

4. Demonstrate confidence in using your camera for different types of photography.

Canvas online learning area

Whether your course is face to face or online, I use an online learning platform called Canvas, to support your learning and give you access to downloadable workfiles to work on during the course.


Your course is online, you will join a virtual classroom using a weblink. We uses a video-conferencing tool called Zoom. To use Zoom you will need a Laptop, Computer, Tablet or Smart phone which has speakers, a microphone and a video camera. For some courses, to submit work, we advise you to use a laptop or computer. It is recommended that you use a computer to upload work for feedback.


Each session will be recorded and available to all attendees to be used for personal learning only and must not be posted, copied or shared. In addition all attendees will receive a printable PDF containing useful how to tips for each lesson.

Course Details

Start Date – Monday 12 September 2022

End Date – Monday 14th November 2022

Course Duration – 10 weeks

Class Duration – 2 Hours

Class Time – 10.00 am – 12 pm

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