kenfisherphotography | Beginners Photoshop The Basics

Hey, Hey Photoshoppers.... If you would like to get started with Adobes flagship software, Photoshop then you are in the right place. This video series will take you through the interface an how to customise it, layers, masking and selections. Master all these skills and you will never look back.

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1. Introduction

In this video we look at introducing the Essential Skills Course

Dig in... 

2. The Photoshop Interface

In these videos we get you up to speed on what all the bits are called that are in front of you when you first open up that Photoshop interface.

Toolbars, Panels, Menus, Workspaces, all explained so you can move on to the next level with confidence.

3. Layers

Layers are a powerhouse feature of Photoshop. In this section you will learn how to add layers, delete layers and move and arrange layers in the layer stack.

This is followed by a real world example of using layers to create a montage of images. 


4. Selections

In this section learn the basics of creating and using selections. You will learn how to use the Move Tool to move image data and selections. The Healing and Clone Stamp tool to repair and improve images and The Crop Tool to recompose images.

Key skills to master so dig in. 


5. Brushes

Adobe Photoshop provides several tools for painting and editing image color. The Brush tool and the Pencil tool work like traditional drawing tools applying color with brush strokes. Tools like the Eraser tool, Blur tool, and Smudge tool modify the existing colors in the image. In the options bar for each of these painting tools, you can set how color is applied to an image and choose from preset brush tips.



6. Masks

You can add a mask to a layer and use the mask to hide portions of the layer and reveal the layers below. Masking layers is a valuable compositing technique for combining multiple photos into a single image or for removing a person or object from a photo.

In this section you will learn the basics of masking technique followed by a more in depth look into the masking process.


7. Typography

The Type Tool is one of the powerful tools in Photoshop, which is mainly a graphics editing program. It is the tool used to create text inside Photoshop, and it has plenty of settings to control the created text’s properties.

8. Transform

In Photoshop, Transform is used to scale, rotate, skew, and distort the perspective of any layer, selection or graphic you’re working with.

9. Adjustments

Adjustments in Photoshop are a group of a super useful, image editing tools that add colour and tonal adjustments to your image. You can use them directly on an image which is destructive in nature as it physically changes the pixel numbers or as Adjustment Layers.

Adjustment Layers are non destructive in nature as the layers are saved with the image and can be changed or discarded at any time so not affecting the original pixel data allowing you to restore your original image at any time.

10. Keyboard Shortcuts

You either live them or you hate them.... me I love them. They really speed up your workflow. Just learning a few will make your life so much easier, and you can create your own, how cool is that.

11. Blending Modes

A supe important skill to baster is Blending Modes. There is a lot of maths involved in how layers blend together, but the good news is  you don't need to know any of it. Just experiment and get creative.

12. Using Colour

In this section you will learn how to define colour using the colour picker and how to create and save custom colours as Swatches.

13. The Repair Tools

In this series you will learn the basics of  how to repair images using Healing and Cloning Tools

14.Undo and History

Undos and history. How to get out of trouble if you go wrong.