Hi There

It’s great to meet you. How brilliant it is that in this huge enormous internetty world, you’ve found your way to my bit.

My name is Ken Fisher. I am a photographer and Adobe Certified Trainer in Photoshop and Lightroom. I am a qualified teacher and teach photography, Photoshop and Lightroom at colleges as well as 1 to 1 private tuition.

My passion is in crafting professional photographs of all types of subject, and enjoy the myriad of challenges that photography provides, from glamour and studio portraiture, lighting a food still life photograph, arranging a group portrait or investigating the ideal viewpoint for a Landscape or Cityscape.

I found many years ago that images despite your best intentions sometimes fall short of what you expected. It was this that set me out on a road of discovery into the world of image editing with Photoshop and Lightroom.

My goals for passing on my passion and skills are twofold:

…. make it easy …… make it fun!

What else can I tell you? I love chocolate. I do like a well-chilled glass of Rosé. I adore the aroma of freshly brewed coffee. Could eat chocolate covered raisins until I burst. Did I say I love chocolate?

I love to watch the American crime dramas. I love to travel and explore new and diverse places and cultures and capture their essence of being, preferably while eating chocolate.

Oh and Chocolate!