Hi there Photoshoppers. On this page you will find start to finish tutorials on a wide range of subjects that I think you will find interesting. Any images used in the tutorials will be available as a download from the website so you can work along with me before trying it out on your own images.

If you have any suggestions for future tutorials please let me know, leave a comment in the notes area of the video or drop me an e mail or message me on Facebook.

Let the journey begin.

1. How to make a Watercolour Painting Effect
In this video I will be looking at how to give a Watercolour Effect look to your images using filters and blending. There is a printed tutorial sheet and an Action to accompany the video.
Resources: Download source image and PDF Tutorial Sheet
2. How to turn an image into text
Resources: Download Start and finish PDF Files
3. How to Create a Film Noir Effect
In this video we take a look at how to create a 1940s style Film Noir look and feel with the addition of the very popular venetian blind shadow look.
Resources: Printed Tutorial Sheet and Start image