17.Geoff Button(non-registered)
Hello Ken,
I have recently become a fan of your teaching style, you have helped me in many areas .. thank you. I am having a major problem in dealing with Chromatic Aboration, I have found the check boxes in the lens correction panel of LR cc, but when I take images that involve trees and the sky behind the branches I can still see the colour caste. How do I get rid of the CA or even better stop it in the first place? Thanking you in advance, geoff
Short, snappy and easy to follow tutorials. Invaluable help for a novice like me. Thanks Ken
15.Jon Harris, Committee Member, Huddersfield Photo-Imaging Club(non-registered)
Thank you Ken for your very informative lecture on Lightroom at Huddersfield Photo-Imaging Club last wednesday. It was very well received by our members. The majority of us use Lightroom for our photo editing and getting our heads around the complexities of it can be tricky. Your lecture was clear and concise and very easy to follow. I certainly learned a lot and so did the club members. Hope to see you visiting us again soon.
11.Jan Fox(non-registered)
Have just watched 3 of your videos and have found them very helpful easy to follow please keep up the great work looking forward to seeing more
10.Sandra Thompson CPAGB(non-registered)
Excellent tutorial and easy to follow. Looking forward to many more Ken
Cliff Miller

"Very informative video. Narrated simply and clearly. I thought I had mastered the "Spot removal Brush" in Lightroom cc....But I was wrong. I learnt quite a few new things watching this.

Thanks Ken.
How a video on clean edits in ACR
Thank you Doreen.
6.Doreen Laws Hart(non-registered)
Thank you Ken, I am a novice with photoshop, you video's are so easy to understand, I had no trouble at all to follow a long, thank you for your hard work
Thank You Jack, glad the article was a help.
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